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One Reason I Love What I Do

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My pet client CashFriday morning I visited pet sitting client Cash.  He’s an easygoing senior black Lab mix that loves his walks!  It was early in the morning, just getting light as we hit the walking trail.

This was my first pet sitting assignment with Cash, so I’m not real familiar with his neighborhood.  He and his family live in a subdivision, all the streets look the same. I normally stick to a very basic route, but it was a nice cool morning, great for a walk, so I decided to venture out a bit.

Cash and I were enjoying our walk, but I soon discovered we’d somehow missed the turn to Cash’s street.  At one point Cash had tried to make a turn, but being a stubborn human, I led him back down the main path.  We walked a little further and I knew we’d gone too far.

I told Cash to take us home, and being a dog in the know he did just that!  He’d tried to steer me in the right direction the first time but I didn’t pay attention.  Cash knew best, and as we turned down his street I thanked him profusely for his help.  He didn’t say “I told you so” like a human would, he just gave me a nice doggy smile and a tail wag as if to say “You’re welcome!”

Pet clients rock!



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