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You Can Reduce Your Cat’s Stress Level When Going for a Ride in the Car!

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The Spirit of Bo, bringing enlightening information to our readers:

From time to time, I like to give Party Marty a break from this blog but he has decided to join me in this post, so I will lend you a transcription of a recent dialogue I had with him in which we discussed how to reduce cat stress during car rides:

Party Marty: Just don’t take your cat in the car. Problem solved.

Bo: But there are times your human must take you out of the house. There are those routine veterinarian visits you know.

Party Marty: I prefer house calls.

Bo: Well, according to, a cat can learn to ride in a car. He may not enjoy it, but at least he can tolerate it.

Party Marty: Dream on.

Bo: Make sure that when you do take your cat on a ride in the car, he is fully secured in his carrier. It is not safe to have your cat roaming freely about the interior of the car.

Party Marty: So much for calling “shot gun!”

Bo: Get your cat used to the carrier before you leave the house. Don’t just sneak this thing up on him. Put the crate on the floor at home with the door open and let him roam about, checking it inside and out. Then, you can ease into just sitting in your car without moving while your cat sits in the carrier. Then, return inside with your cat and reward him with a treat.

Party Marty: It better be a good one!

Bo: Take a short drive around the block with your cat in the carrier. If your cat exhibits any sort of anxiety or fear with respect to this activity, discuss alternative measures with your vet.

Party Marty: Or, as I noted earlier, let the cat stay home.

Bo: At any rate, sometimes you just have to get your cat out of the house for whatever reason, and these tips should at least make that little adventure a bit less stressful.

Party Marty: This post has made me stressful. It’s cutting into my nap time, dude! Later!