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You Can Get So Much Inspiration from Your Pet!

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Dog with woman

The Spirit of Bo, here to pontificate from the afterlife, where I have observed and learned so much:

Need a little motivation and inspiration? Look no further than your pet! That dog, cat or any other domestic animal that may reside in your home. These loving creatures can really teach us a lot of valuable life lessons without uttering a word. Observe…

  • Dogs live in the moment! They harbor no regrets over the past and certainly aren’t worrying about tomorrow. They are in the here and now….wasting no energy on what was and what might be. The moment. That’s their bliss.
  • Pets require a certain amount of discipline, affection and exercise each day. When they have that agenda, they are content. We need that, too.
  • Too often we rely on verbal cues from others to understand what they are saying. Pets, however, tune into our body language to understand our emotions. We need to look at the non-verbal cues of others and be aware of our own to fully understand each other.
  • Clear and consistent communication. Pets need this to avoid confuse and to feel on purpose. You should employ this with others in your life, as well, so you allow people to understand how you want to be treated.
  • Dogs may encounter conflict with one another, but it dissolves quickly. They deal with it and move one. Do you think dogs walk around with negative thoughts in their heads and chips on their shoulders? Nope…they move on! Forgotten!

Have a fun-filled, live-in-the-moment, simple pleasures kind of day!

(Thanks to Cesar Milan and for these fun tips!)


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