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When Is The Right Time?

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Wendy Diamone and Lucky

I’ve followed Wendy Diamond, pet advocate and author, for quite some time.  Last week, her beloved dog Lucky passed away.  Wendy and Lucky were the very closest of friends, they went everywhere together.

After a pet passes away, the question hangs on, will it ever be right to adopt another?  Wendy has been dealing with that question the last week.  On her blog, she’s written about the new foster dog, Baby, that she’s wondered about as a spokesdog to take Lucky’s place.  Baby isn’t exactly the vision Wendy had in mind for Lucky’s successor, she’s bigger, older, has evidently had one or more litters.  She was also present when Lucky crossed the Bridge, and has provided much comfort to Wendy this past week.

When we lose that special companion, it doesn’t seem as though they’ll ever be another that can take their place.  I was heartbroken when my kitty Bo passed away a year and a half ago and I had all the reasons laid out as to why adopting another cat was not in the cards.

As it turned out, Marty appeared a mere couple of month after Bo’s passing.  It seemed much too soon, I didn’t feel ready but the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize Bo would want me to help another cat if I could.  So Marty joined our family and has added a lot of fun and good energy to our home.  I still think about and miss my Bo man, but I think he’d be pleased at how it’s all turned out.

So, Wendy, it seems embracing Baby is a good thing.  She’s not Lucky, and never will be, but she’s a special dog that brings her own energy and talents…I think she’s Lucky’s gift to you.

Photo from Lucky Diamond Productions, Inc.



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