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Yes, Dogs Do Have ESP!

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Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger, back on the scene after taking some time off:  It’s Friday! The weekend is almost here! I can finally relax. Wait!  I relax every day! Oh, well…It’s Friday! Today is my day to brag about all things dog. You know we are awesome!  Here are some fun facts I got from

  • Dogs can run up to 19 miles per hour when going at full speed. And those greyhound dogs can reach up to 42 miles per hour. However, I bet I can go even faster when I hear the door on the fridge open!
  • Dogs do not like to go out in the rain…not because we are afraid to get wet. Heck!  That is fun. We just don’t like how the rain amplifies sounds that hurt our sensitive ears!
  • Did you know that dogs can potentially read the minds of humans?  Be careful of what you think! In Russia, a team of doctors and scientists conducted 1,278 experiments with dogs, and of those, 696 were successful. Most of the experiements tested the dog’s ability to read unspoken commands. It was concluded by the research team that, yes, some ESP factors must be at work.
  • A dog’s hearing is much greater than that of a human. We can detect sounds that are ultrasonic.  How cool is that? Wait a minute! Did you hear that? Oh, yeah…I guess you didn’t!  Carry on.

Thanks for letting me pitch in on the blog today. Now…what was I doing before I logged on? Oh, yes…nap time! Go on. It’s time for you to leave now.


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