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Would You Vote for a President Based on His Pet?

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Jessie, the wise and educated dog:  Are you getting tired of all the political ramblings of late? I sure am! Maybe we should cast our votes based upon which President has the best pet!

I did some research and discovered some fun facts about strange pets owned by Presidents of long ago. Here is a sampling of what I learned:

John Quincy Adams had an alligator.

James Buchanan had an elephant.

Theodore Roosevelt had a zebra, a coyote, and a hyena.

Calvin Coolidge had an antelope and a pygmy hippo.

Martin Van Buren had tigers and lions.

Thomas Jefferson had a bear.

Some did have goats and cows, but at the time, that was not considered unusual, as our country was far more agricultural then.

Thanks to for this insightful information!


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