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Why It’s Great to Be a Dog!

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Jessie, the adorable pooch, here to dispense some Friday wisdom on why it is great to be a dog. (Turns to the cat, Party Marty: “Did you hear that, Marty? I said that it is great to be a dog, not a cat!”):

  • We don’t have to worry about personal hygiene. No one really cares if we don’t take a bath every day. Heck!  We don’t even have to comb our hair, either.
  • Our friends never expect us to pay for lunch, dinner or anything else!
  • When it is raining, we can lie around the house all day and not worry about losing our job!
  • If it itches, we can reach it…and no one is offended if we scratch it in public.
  • We can wear a fur coat without offending someone.
  • April 15th? Why would we stress out about that day?
  • We can fall asleep when someone is talking and no one gets upset.
  • By the time we reach adulthood, it’s okay if we have never amounted to anything other than just being a dog!
  • The older we get, the more respect we get.
  • If we grow hair in weird places, no one notices!
  • If we gain weight, it’s someone else’s fault!
  • No matter where we live, we own the place.

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