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Who Needs Cupid to Bring Love to Your Life When You Have a Lovable Dog?

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Jessie, the lovable, friendly, and oh-so-approachable canine is here to dish on the Top Ten Most Lovable Dog Breeds:  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you can almost feel the love that is in the air. Even though that grand occasion typically calls for flowers, chocolates and cards, I have put together a fun list of the top ten dogs breeds that exude copious amounts of love and affection. Any one of these dogs can definitely add some grand affection to your world.  Thanks to, I present the following…

#10:Bulldog:  Despite the trademark sour face, this is one lovable and charming chap.

#9:  Irish Wolfhound:  This is a noble and gentle giant.

#8:  Bichon Frise:  Happy-go-lucky is always the theme of the day.

#7:  American Eskimo:  This is a one-human dog with lots of love to give.

#6:  Old English Sheepdog:  His trademark bark just screams, “I love you!”

#5:  Miniature Schnauzer:  Aren’t these just the cutest?

#4:  Irish Setter:  This one brings a heaping helping of energy, enthusiasm and athleticism.

#3:  Dachshund: Can you say “playful?”

#2:  Collie:  This dog brings a whole new meaning to intelligent, sensitive and gentle.

#1:  Labrador Retriever:  He will always have you at “hello!”

Of course, no matter what breed of dog you have, I hope that he/she brings you a wealth of love and affection every single day of the year! That is what having a dog in the house is all about!



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