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When Your Dog’s Breath Can Clear a Room…

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Party Marty on the scene, with oh-so-kissable breath! Hey! Word on the street is a few dogs in the ‘hood have been killing folks…with their stinky breath. We won’t put out any names, but we’ve mentioned a couple of them in our blog posts before. One of them can clear a room as soon as he yawns. It’s almost as if some green haze rolls out of his mouth and infects the entire area with an unbearable stench. Brush your teeth, Naismith, the Wheaten Terrier! (Oops…you didn’t hear that from me. I promised anonymity to these guys! Oh, well…they can’t read, so what’s the harm?)

You’ve probably smelled it coming from your dog, too. No…not that end (although that can be silent and very wicked, too!), but the other end….the one into which food goes and barks emit. Just like humans, when dogs eat certain foods, certain odors tend to linger. However, unlike humans, dogs really can’t be responsible for their own oral hygiene and health. Step up to the plate if you don’t want to be bowled over by the smell.

There are many products on the market today aimed at eliminating this problem, such as dog breath fresheners, breath-freshening strips, mints and toothpastes and even oral breath sprays. However, you don’t need to rush out and spend a fortune. You probably have some items at home that can address the problem.

Consider your dog’s diet. Some foods he eat will just naturally cause bad breath. Consider switching to another brand of dog food. Hard dog foods tend to be better for your dog’s teeth and gums over soft foods.

Give your dog a hard clean bone to chew and do this on a regular basis. It will help to eliminate the odors caused by plaque and such.

A healthy diet is essential, as it can keep certain metabolic diseases from arising in your dog that can contribute to bad breath.

As a general rule, puppies are more likely to develop bad breath as they shed their baby teeth. This is temporary, obviously, and can be treated by brushing the teeth with diluted baking soda.

Try some yogurt, raw carrots and raw turkey. Those are great products for improved oral care for some dogs. (Well….YOU don’t need to try them…the dog does!)

Regular exercise for your dog will help to keep his digestive system in top form and thereby reduce those room-clearing odors emanating from his mouth!

Overall, it is important to maintain good oral health for your dog with regular brushing. If that is neglected, gingivitis can set in and create a host of problems. Bad breath is only the beginning….

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