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When One Person Gives, Two People (or Pets!) Receive!

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The Spirit of Bo, here to give thanks for those who love pets and give them loving homes: Thanksgiving…a time for giving thanks and well, a time for giving! Love pets? Want to help out and make a difference? Instead of spending Black Friday at the mall spending money, consider spending time helping out the loving pets in your community’s shelters. How? I thought you would never ask!  Thanks to and the ASPCA, here are a few suggestions:

1. Teach a class

When shelter dogs learn to sit, stay, walk calmly on a leash or shake paws, it will make them far more adoptable.

2. Get Your Shelter Online

If your are savvy with technology and online forums, consider writing about the pets in your community’s shelter and taking pictures of them, too. Post them online or on the shelter’s web site for higher visibility of the wonderful pets waiting for a loving home.

3. Cat Socialization

Strange noises in shelters can make cats anxiety-ridden. You can help by holding, petting, and brushing the shelter’s felines.  This will help to keep them calm and relaxed.

4. Fundraise

Organize an event to help raise funds for your local shelter.  Have a local restaurant offer to give a percentage of a night’s proceeds to your local shelter or host a silent auction. Be creative!

5. Make It Newsworthy!

Write or start a newsletter for your town shelter. This is an amazing way to keep the public informed about what the shelter does and what it needs.

6. Keep It Clean!

Volunteer to help keep the shelter clean and safe for its animals! Shelters can always use an extra set of helping hands!


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