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What Do Women Want?

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I can't sleep

It seems like there are surveys for everything these days, and finding out what women want is on the list of such surveys.

A 2009 online poll showed 78% of women indicated they would choose a dog over a husband. A poll from 2010 showed that a third of the 1100 women participants felt their pets were better listeners than their husbands.

According to one of the respondents in the 2009 poll, age 29, she would much rather have a pet and just date the men.  She believes overall that would be less stressful, and she really does not want to commit to getting to know someone over time, concluding that life is just too short for that sort of thing.

In a related survey by a mattress company, 55% of women noted that it would be preferable to sleep with their pet in the bed than with their partner, citing the partner as far more annoying than the pet!  Overall, 67% of the respondents noted they like to sleep with their pets.

Can we get the pets to do the laundry and take out the trash?

Hmm, men, what do YOU think?


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