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A Tummy Tuck and a Face Lift….for Fido???

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spa dayJessie, the well-groomed dog, always dressed for the occasion:  Whenever I walk past a mirror, I have to take a quick peek! After all, I go to great lengths to look this good. I keep myself clean; I walk daily; I pamper my paws; and I seek regular grooming treatments. I really don’t see any room for improvement here! However, I was intrigued about a recent article on Huffington Post about an English couple who has spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery for their Bloodhound! Fancy that! This old dog received a tummy tuck a facelift, and various other surgeries over a span of two years. While some of the measures were undertaken to save him from potential blindness caused by excess skin flaps that develop over his eyes, his owners admit that some of the procedures were, in fact, strictly cosmetic. As a result, they say their old dog has new spring in his step and is no longer grumpy, tired, and old-looking.

Upon further research, it has been reported that plastic surgery for pets is a popular trend. In fact, nose jobs have gone up by 25% over three years totaling $2.5 million in procedure costs, with another $1.6 million spent on eye lifts! Unbelievable!

And I learned a new word today: neuticles! Yep! Those are silicon testicles for dogs that have been neutered yet still desire to maintain a certain sense of pride and self-esteem!  Once a male, always a male, huh?

While I reserve judgment on any of these findings, I am interested in your thoughts! Do tell!


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