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Want To Make Friends? Get A Dog

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dog jogging with woman

New research shows if people are interested in making new friends, having a dog definitely helps.  Even though other pets, such as cats or lizards, provide company to humans on a one-to-one basis, they don’t tend to help ease feelings of isolation.

Dogs require walks, so the activity of walking the dog often leads to seeing other people out with their dogs as well, which may spur a friendship over time.  Many dog owners also take their dogs to training classes where they meet other dog owners.  Other pets usually don’t go to training classes, so the chances for interaction with other people aren’t as likely.

Sites such as often have dog lover groups that schedule various outings for dogs and their owners.  There are even some breed specific groups (in this area the Pug meetup group is quite active) for those passionate about a specific dog breed.

If you’re new to a town, or just looking to expand your circle of friends, get out and about with your dog.  You’ll both enjoy the time together and maybe make some great new friends!



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