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Unusual Canine Behaviors Decoded

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dog rolling in grass

Although we love our dogs, sometimes they do things that make no sense to us at all.  Below are a couple of behaviors that seem to be very enjoyable to dogs, but very frustrating to us.

Why Dogs Like To Roll In Dirt

It’s been raining so there’s mud on the ground.  Lo and behold, your dog finds the biggest mud puddle and makes a beeline for it, rolling around to get oh so dirty.  Ever wonder why dogs do this?  Here are a few reasons why dogs like to roll in the dirt:

  • If your dog likes to swim or roll in dirty water, he may be cooling off or just playing
  • Unfortunately, dogs aren’t put off by the scent of feces like we are, dogs actually find the scent interesting.  Since a dog’s sense of smell is so well developed, they use smell to discover information like the species and gender of the dog that left it.  Rolling in the feces is a dog’s reaction to the scent and is considered normal in the canine world.

Why Dogs Paw and Scratch Things

Have you noticed your dog pawing at his bed before he lays down?  Dogs are creatures of habit, and much like the ritual we follow at bedtime, dogs have ones of their own.  The answer is pretty basic, dogs like to scratch and they enjoy the feeling of scratching on their paws.

Why Dogs Scoot Across The Floor

Scooting across the floor happens when dogs are trying to relieve irritation.  The irritation can be caused by intestinal worms.  Watch for rice-like segments which may indicate worms.  Consult your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has worms.

Another reason for scooting can be full, impacted or infected anal sacs.  When you have your pet groomed, request the groomer check the glands and express (empty) them if needed.  Adding more fiber to your dog’s diet can help reduce anal sac problems.  Consult your veterinarian for more information.


Source:  Amazing Dog Facts And Trivia by Ryan O-Meara


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