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The Howling Dog Legend: Myth or Not?

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Jessie, the amazing canine who is well-read and well-educated, especially on all-things dog-related:

I love a good story, especially about dogs. I was doing some research on the web and found some interesting stuff of which dog legends are made. Since the day of Halloween is nearly upon us, I thought I might ruffle your feathers and tingle your nerves with this particular legend:

Do you know what it means when a dog howls? According to ancient legend, is it believed that dogs can see apparitions and sense when death is near. We know that dogs can sense chemical changes in the air, and the human body goes through such changes when death is imminent.

Many dogs will howl when the owner is ill. It has long been considered a death omen when a dog howls. If a dog howls by an open door, myth suggests the same. The precise moment of death was indicated by a dog howling three times and then ceasing. Additionally, when a barking dog is heard first thing in the morning, it has been said to be a sign of misfortune.

In light of this, a Basenji is not such a bad idea! (You know, the so-called “barkless” dog!)

Thanks to for this fun stuff!


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