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Two Publications For Dog Owners You May Not Have Heard Of

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I love magazines, especially ones that teach me something.  If you’re a dog owner and are looking for ways to enhance your dog’s life and your time with your dog, here are two publications that have much to offer:

Whole Dog Journal.  This publication is more of a newsletter and actually comes three-hole punched to make it easy to store in a binder for reference later.  The focus of WDJ is natural dog care and training. They publish a variety of articles on subjects such as: dog health, product reviews and consumer alerts.

Articles often include a resource list for readers wanting more information on topics covered. There is an annual review of dry and canned dog food brands with detailed information to support the rating. Whole Dog Journal does not accept commercial advertising, so each copy is articles only. Issues average 25 pages, and the Journal is published monthly. They also offer a weekly email tip and a very robust website. Their site is

Your Dog.  Similar to Whole Dog Journal, Your Dog is also more of a newsletter format and is three-hole punched for binder storage and later reference. Published by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine At Tufts University, Your Dog contains information about subjects such as dog behavior, product reviews, and news on pet medicine and the latest advances in research. Your Dog also offers a question and answer section with responses from experts in various areas of pet health and behavior.

Like Whole Dog Journal, Your Dog does not accept commercial advertising. Each issue averages 20 pages and is published 10 times a year. For more information, check out

Both of these publications contain a wealth of very valuable information for caring dog owners.  I subscribe to both and refer to them often.  To subscribe, you can go to the websites of either, or check out Amazon. com in the Magazine Subscription section.  They often have reduced prices on subscriptions and you can manage your subscription renewals from there too.



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