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Training Your Puppy On The Rules Of Chewing

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Puppies love to bite and chew whatever they can find.  It’s how they have fun, it’s how they learn what’s what, and it’s how they learn their limits. It’s not surprising, then, that your little puppy wants to chew on your things, and you, too.

There are a number of things you can do to encourage your puppy to curb this behavior without deterring the puppy’s playful nature, or the need to chew. When your puppy is trying to chew or bite on things, just remember this training tip – R.E.S.T.


Allow your puppy to chew on toys you’ve bought for such a purpose. There are rawhide bones, plastic bones, ropes and other toys and treats made for chewing. Make sure puppy knows where to find them and that they are always available when the urge to chew hits. Just saying ‘no’ to chewing doesn’t work; puppy needs a replacement.


If your puppy is trying to bite you for play, redirect him with some games instead of scolding him.  Wrestle, play tag, or throw a ball to fetch. Have fun while playing around with him so he’s distracted, happy, and forgets he even wanted to bite. The bonus is all that playing around burns energy and he may even take a nap.


Sometimes, when puppies gets overexcited, they start to nip and bite. Calm your puppy by gently holding and petting rhythmically, keeping him in one position, preferably down on his side. Don’t push your puppy away as this will only translate into another game. Lower your voice, calm your motions, and wait until your puppy settles before playing again.


Rather than allow your puppy free-run of your home, designate an area and gate it off so that you can keep only puppy-friendly materials in there. This will prevent you from going crazy chasing after puppy trying to stop the chewing. It will also eliminate stress on the puppy, constantly being reprimanded for chewing when that’s all a puppy wants to do. Fill your puppy-friendly place with lots of chew toys so you both can relax.

It’s hard for a puppy to give up chewing and biting. It’s up to you to teach your puppy will learn what can and cannot be chewed. With these four simple tips – Replace, Energize, Settle, Trap – you and your puppy will come to an understanding and enjoy a long, wonderful friendship.


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