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Top US Cities for Dogs: Did Your Hometown Make the List?

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to spread light and joy to our faithful readers:

I was a cat in my earthly life but have always had a heart of compassion for all animals, and to this day, I still believe there is something to be said about the companionship of a dog. Sure, cats are awesome! We all know that, but dogs have also captured many people’s hearts, including mine. In the spirit of that emotion, I wanted to share with you some of the best places in the United States for dog owners and their furry friends to reside. Thanks to this information from, you may want to pack up and move! Here are some of the leading US cities that make owning a dog one of the best things you can do…

  • Minneapolis – This city boasts a wealth of dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and hiking trails.
  • Phoenix – This warm and dry climate attracts retirees who love to spend time with their pets.
  • Boston – Believe it or not, this city’s subways and boats are very dog friendly and even some of the local bars have “Yappy Hours!”
  • Tucson – With roughly 350 days of sunshine each year, this city has a cornucopia of dog-friendly patios.
  • Albuquerque – This lovely city in New Mexico has 33,000 acres of public parks that just love dogs!
  • San Francisco – The city by the bay has 27 dog parks! You can always find a place to go for a walk with your dog here.
  • Austin – Smile and say “Cheese,” as this Texas town is home to 35 pet photographers and also has a food truck just for dogs. Come hungry!
  • Seattle – Yes, it rains a lot here, but this city boasts more dogs than children and has at least 32 meet up groups for dog-loving folks.
  • San Diego – This seaside town has plenty of canine-friendly places and also has tons of events throughout the year just for dogs, including National Dog Party Day.
  • Portland, Oregon – With 33 dog parks and several dog-friendly eateries, this is the top spot for the top dog in your life!

Thanks for joining me today! Enjoy your weekend!



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