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Tips on How to Rid Your Home of Dog Odors (And, no, Marty…this does not mean getting rid of the dog!)

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Party Marty, the cool cat who is thrilled it is Friday! Hey! It’s almost the weekend! That means cat naps, rolling on the floor, playing with toys, basking in the sun…..wait….that is every day of the week! Oh, well! It’s still the weekend!

Speaking of which, my canine buddies Bolt and Naismith just got bathed today. Rumor has it they were pretty stinky after a long, hot summer. It seems that stench can permeate a home, too, so what can you do to get rid of that foul doggie odor?

Thanks to our pals at, here are a few helpful hints to keep your home from smelling like, well, Bolt and Naismith after a long, hot summer!

  • Steam clean your carpets regularly!
  • Vacuum every other day.
  • Sweep every other day.
  • Mop the floors with a 3:1 water to vinegar ratio at least once each week.
  • Get to couch covers – one to have on the couch while the other is being washed.
  • Make sure you wash the dog bedding weekly!
  • Better yet…wash YOUR bedding weekly if your dog sleeps with you.
  • Whenever possible, keep the windows open.

And my tip? (Probably the best of all!) GET RID OF THE DOG!!!! (Marty is rolling on the floor laughing, thinking of his canine roomie, Jessie.)

Okay…just kidding! All in good fun! It’s the weekend, remember? Time for fun!

Later, dudes!


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