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The votes have been cast! The winner is the cat! (In my humble opinion today!)

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Party Marty here, just back from the voting polls, and the results are in! Cats make great pets! (Maybe even better pets than dogs! Shhhh…) If you are trying to decide between a cat and a dog (And no offense to dog lovers! The folks at Joy of Living love dogs, too!), here are a few reasons to tilt the scales in favor of your feline friends:

1.)    Housebreaking is a cinch! All you have to do is put a litter box in an out-of-the-way place in your home and the cat is instantly trained! (Try that, Fido!)

2.)    Love pets but hate the mess? Clean freaks rejoice! Healthy felines keep themselves clean from top to bottom. No smelly cat will roll around on your carpet or furniture. (Unlike Spot. Hence, the name!)

3.)    If you have work to do and need to put your cat off for a bit, she will saunter off and do her own thing, not seeming to mind. She may just find a place to nap. (The dog, however, will beg with those sad eyes until you cave!)

4.)    Need to get the cat in the car? A cat carrier to the rescue, especially when it’s time to visit the vet. (A lot easier than manipulating a 60-pound tongue-wagging beast into the car!)

5.)    Cats keep you warm in the dead of winter. You just can’t beat the warmth of a soft cat wrapped around your neck or curled up in your lap or stretched out alongside your legs. Better than a heating blanket! (The dog would hog all the covers anyway!)

Thanks to for this fun, at-the-dog’s-expense, information! (Well, I am the one actually poking fun of the pooches! I just couldn’t help myself!)


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