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Taking Holiday Photos with the Family Pets!

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holiday photos with pets


If you have a pet, you know how important they are to your family.  Here are a few tips from to make the most of holiday photos with pets:

Plan early

Decide when, where, and who will take the photo.  Get it on the calendar.

Decide What Everyone Will Wear

Consider the background as well as the color of the dog or cat.  If you have a black poodle, don’t have everyone wearing black.

Remember that darker-colored pets usually photograph best by light colors, and light-colored pets by dark colors.

Let Your Pet Get Used To Outfit Ahead Of Time

If you are going to put an outfit on your pet, let him wear it before the photo shoot for a bit to get used to it.  You don’t want that photo session to end up with pictures of the dog or cat gnawing at the bandana!

Pick a Comfortable Location

Most pets are comfortable anywhere, but home is usually the best option.  If the weather permits, head outside to the backyard under a nice tree.  Alternatively, pose in front of a warm and glowing fire.

Decide In Advance Who Will Hold the Pet Or Be Next To Him

Consider where your pet would look good and with whom he is most comfortable.

Know Best Way To Get Your Pet’s Attention

To get your pet’s attention during the photo shoot, use a squeak toy, treats, or other objects of interest.

Take Lots Of Photos

Not every shot has to be posed!  Some of the best pictures are the impromptu ones

Enjoy the holidays…and be sure to capture the best moments on film!  Holiday photos with pets almost always make people smile.  The right photo also makes a great theme for your Christmas cards!

If you’re a fan of pictures with Santa, many shelters and rescue groups have photo sessions for Santa pictures with your pets. Choosing this option gives you great pictures of your pets and helps other pets in need.  A win-win!

The picture at the top of this post is The Poodle Pair’s 2016 Picture with Santa.



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