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It’s #RememberMEThursday: Let’s Focus on Pet Adoption

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I’m a huge advocate of pet adoption. Some people believe pets waiting to be adopted are less than…….there’s something wrong with them and that’s why they are looking for a home. On this #RememberMEthursday, many of us in the blogging community are shining the light on pet adoption, and dispelling myths like the one above.

Pets looking for a forever home often had a home previously, but circumstances out of their control, such as death of pet owner, lack of financial resources, or even a lack of dedication or education before adopting lead to a pet being surrendered.

The hard truth is that although we’re working toward a No-Kill Nation regarding homeless pets, we are not there.  Many areas give pets only a few days to be adopted. If that does not happen, these perfectly healthy pets are euthanized. This is heartbreaking and needs to stop.

Consider the Positives of Pet Adoption

Pet Throughly Vetted

This includes:

  • Spayed or neutered,
  • All their shots
  • Dental care provided just to name a few health benefits.

You Have An Idea of Pet’s Personality

For pets in shelters or foster=based rescues, their caregivers get to know the pet and learn his/her likes and dislikes.  They learn the pet’s play style, if they prefer being an only pet, or like having pet buddies. Purchasing a pet from a breeder or pet store, it’s difficult to know what makes him/her tick.

Looking For Specific Breed? Many Are Available for Adoption

Interested in a specific dog breed?  Approximately 25% of adoptable dogs in shelters are purebred. There are also breed specific rescues that work to get homeless pets of that breed adopted.

Don’t write off mixed breed dogs.  Often, mixed breeds pick up the best of the breeds that made up the dog. This often reduces the possibility of health problems often seen in purebreds. Mixed breeds are now some of the most popular: Goldendoodles (Golden Retreiver/Poodle Mix,  and Puggles (Pug/Beagle mix) to name a few.

Adopt and Save A Life

As I mentioned above, often adopting a pet saves that pet’s life. If the shelter is no-kill, adopting a pet opens up a spot for another pet in need.  Shelters and rescues often provide life saving medical care to homeless pets to get them ready to find a forever home.

#RememberMEThursday Working Here in Kansas City

Here in the Kansas City area this past week, Scott Poore, a leading pet advocate in the area, showed the power of #RememberMEThursday.

He’d been visiting a dog named Queen at a local shelter for some time. She’d been in the shelter for more than 400 days. As many pets do in the shelter environment, she’d begun to decline physically, giving up hope of ever finding a forever home.

Poore decided to move into Queen’s kennel with her at the shelter to boost her confidence, provide her some much needed company, and bring focus to her in hopes of finding her a forever home.

Scott’s efforts and those sharing Queen’s story on social media combined to make a dream come true. Queen found her forever home this week! The picture below shows Queen leaving the shelter en route to her forever home!


As Queen’s story shows, even one person taking the time to remember one pet looking for a home can lead to an army of support, and a forever home!

Please take a moment this #RememberMEThursday to help those homeless pets in your area by sharing them on social media.  As we saw this last week, one person can make a difference to a pet looking for that forever home!