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Table for Five…and Fido! Tips for Dining Out with Your Dog!

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Party Marty here! It’s the weekend! Time to think about what you want to do for fun. If you are like most folks, dining out on the weekend is a habit and relaxing thing to do. And in today’s world, it seems like there are restaurants all over that are inviting guests to bring their dogs to dine with them! Nothing could be better than taking your furry, four-legged buddy out to dinner with the family, but you should prepare your canine for the fun in advance to ward off any potential disaster or frustration. Heaven knows…it would be quite the distraction to have your dog whining or begging for food and/or barking at the other guests. That meal would not last long!

So, here are some tips we lifted from that should give you a pleasant dining out experience with your dog.

  • Feed your dog first. Think about it. If someone took you out to eat on an empty stomach but then told you that the food served was off limits to you, you’d be pretty upset! Feed your dog right before you leave so he has a full belly and is less likely to be tempted by the food you are eating.
  • Take your dog on a long walk before you go to the restaurant, too. This will help to calm him down and put him in a more restful state. Imagine what it would be like if he was hyper and full of energy while you were trying to enjoy your meal!
  • Make sure you know for certain that your restaurant destination allows dogs. Outdoor dining is perfect for when you want to bring your dog along!
  • Bring your own distractions, such as a small bowl of water for your dog and perhaps a small chew toy or some tough-to-chew treats to keep him occupied.

Of course, it is always good practice to ensure that your dog understands basic commands before taking him out to a restaurant, and these include “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “down.”

And one thing is a must: Make sure your dog is on a leash! Sure, Fido might be well behaved, but you never know when something unexpected might change his usual behavior. When he is leashed, you are not only protecting others, you are also protecting your dog.

So, enjoy time out of the house with your dog. That way the cat (that’d be me!) can enjoy some much-needed alone time!


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