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Show Us a Whole Lot of Loving!

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Party Marty here, in the party mood for Valentine’s Day!  Ahhh…chocolates, roses, jewelry….geez!  What am I thinking….what will I do with that?  Cats don’t need those things! Neither do dogs! However, if you love your pet as much as I am loved by my human, then consider spreading a bit of that Valentine Love to your dog or cat this coming heart day. And, if you are thrifty as am I, then it won’t cost you a dime! If I was your cat and was looking forward to being spoiled and pampered on Valentine’s Day, this is what I would enjoy (recommendations subject to change to change based on mood and attitude of the day):

  • A nice belly rub!
  • Hugs and kisses!
  • Let me sleep on the bed!
  • Open the blinds further to allow more sun in the room and let me bask in its glory!
  • Treats! Treats! Treats! I know you have more hiding in the cupboard!
  • Let me lounge in your lap for a bit while you work on the computer.
  • Lock the dog in the closet for the day! (Oops…how did that suggestion make its way onto the list? Oh, well…it’s already here…not much I can do about it now!)
  • Let’s snuggle on the couch and watch “Animal Planet” together or “Cats and Dogs: The Revene of Kitty Galore!”
  • Tell me how much you love and adore me at least ten times throughout the day!

You get the idea….just make us feel special, loved, and adored. Oh, wait! You do that every day! Oh, well…we promise to return the favor in kind. Treat, please! I’ll be waiting over here in the sunlight on your new couch, snuggled up in that new blanket of yours!


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