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Should You Get a Cat or an iPad????

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Party Marty here! It’s Friday! My favorite day of the week! Today I am going to enlighten my audience with some fun and engaging information about cats’ brains! Face it! We are the superior ones when compared to dogs. My presence alone speaks to that end. After all, I am a cat…writing a blog…in English! Yeah, yeah…I know…Jessie the dog posts to this blog, too, but what you don’t know is that she employs a ghost-writer! (And then takes all the credit!) I can tell you that I, personally, scribe these posts myself…with a tad bit of help…from someone who can actually use a keyboard and incorporate my thoughts into English. But those are details, and who am I to argue the semantics of it all?!

Now, back to my original programming. Cats’ brains are cool. And do you want to know WHY? Well, thanks to, here are a few things that make are brains seem more like Stephen Hawking and less like Bugs Bunny.

Even though our brains make up just 0.9 percent of our total body mass – as compared to dogs’ brains, which compromise 1.2 percent of their total body mass – when it comes to intelligence, size does NOT matter.

A cat’s brain is more complex than the brain of a dog. Cats’ brains have 300 million nerve cells, whereas dogs’ brains have just 160 million!

Cats seem to have longer short-term memory abilities than dogs and can remember things up to 16 hours later. Dogs? Say good-bye to those precious memories after about five hours!

Cats are keen observers and learn by watching your every move. Don’t think he can open a cabinet door? Just watch…as he is watching YOU!

And cats’ brains trump iPads any day of the week. Sure, cats don’t come equipped with Wi-Fi and 4G data access plans, but they have 91,000 gigabytes of data storage space whereas a typical iPad just has 60. An iPad can process 170 million operations per second, but a cat can process 6.1 trillion operations per second! Oh, yeah! We rock!

Well, I have to go recharge my brain with a much-needed nap. Just call me iCat!





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