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Only a Cat Could Get Away with Expressing Love in These Unique Ways!

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Party Marty, the super cool cat is here! TGIF! It’s Friday….the 13th! Yikes! I better go back to bed…I don’t want to stir up anything negative! But, before I do that, I wanted to talk about certain (annoying!) ways your cat will tell you he loves you. Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, you might want to prepare yourself for a heavy onslaught of love and affection from your friendly feline. We love you so much, yet the ways by which we express our love and affection for you might not be the preferred method for you. However, please overlook the delivery of the love and simply appreciate WHY we do it!

According to an article on, cats have some pretty unique ways to let you know you mean the world to them. Here are just a few:

**When we gnaw on your fingers or any other appendage, we are merely “love biting” you. Get used to it!

**When we lick your skin off, it is not an attack but a sign of affection. It is our way of grooming you, spreading our scent and marking you as “ours!” (Be Mine – It’s Valentine’s Day!)

**When we “scream” at you with an endless playback of meowing, chirping and trilling, listen up! We have other ways to communicate with other cats, but we save this symphony of sounds just for you. Please pay attention, as we are trying to get your attention to tell you we love and adore you!

**When we stomp on you on any number of places on your body using tiny fist punches, we are letting you know we feel relaxed, loved and content.

**When we bring you dead things, we are not trying to scare you or upset you. It is a gift, which is code for adoration. Praise us for this offering….and then you can throw away that dead mouse when we are not looking!

So, that’s it from me! I have to return to my regularly scheduled programming called napping. You should tune in some time….just keep the volume down low…I’ve a lot of work to do. It’s a tough job chasing zzzzzzs!



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