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Seeing Pit Bulls In A Different Light

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Much was written about pit bulls after last week’s story of Lennox, the pit bull/Lab mix euthanized in Belfast, Ireland.  Many cities and states have breed-specific legislation prohibiting pit bull ownership because they are deemed dangerous.  I won’t get on my soapbox again about the issue of BSL, but I wanted to share some facts you may not know about pit bulls.

  • Pit bulls are often used as bomb and drug sniffing dogs
  • The largest drug bust in DEA history (3000 lbs. of cocaine) was made with the help of Popsicle, a pit bull.  Popsicle was found abandoned in an empty freezer and after being rescued was trained to become a drug sniffing dog
  • Another rescued Pit Bull, Dakota, helped search for remains after the space shuttle Columbia explosion
  • Pit Bulls are used as therapy dogs for the elderly and those that have suffered emotional trauma
  • Pit Bulls have worked as service dogs for paraplegics
  • The Pit Bull served as the U.S. mascot in both World War I and II
  • The dog featured in the Buster Brown shoe company logo is a Pit Bull

Maybe it’s worth reconsidering how dangerous the Pit Bull is and focus on the good things they can do.


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