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Road Tripping WIth Kids And Dogs

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road tripping

It’s the time of year for road trips, but when you have both kids and dogs to take into consideration, planning can be very daunting.  Although difficult, a road trip can be a good time for everyone.  The July 2014 issue of Dog Fancy offers these suggestions for road trips with kids and dogs:

Don’t venture too far from home if this is your first road trip.  You may have a child that gets carsick, or a dog that is terrified of flying, so for the first trip, plan a driving vacation that’s fairly close to home.

Make sure the destination works for everyone.  Going to Disney World would be great fun for children and maybe adults, but dogs aren’t allowed.  Do some research to find locales that offer a variety of family friendly and pet friendly amenities.

Plan many breaks.  Taking frequent potty breaks gives pets and kids a chance to stretch, burn some energy and possibly explore.  Make sure your pet has identification tags in the event he roams too far away.  Look for pet-friendly restaurants, or pick drive-thrus and look for a park or rest area to eat.  Don’t leave your dog in the car since temperatures rise very quickly, even in the shade.

Overpacking is a given.  Kids and dogs seem to come with a lot of baggage, literally.  Make sure to pack lots of travel-friendly snacks and toys (ones without a lot of small parts).  For your dog, bring his crate so he has a safe and familiar place to relax and sleep.  Be sure to have a copy of your pet’s vet records, ID tags (be sure your cellphone number is included), any medications, his regular food, leash and favorite toys.

Taking everyone’s needs into account when planning a family vacation will make it much more fun for everyone.  Drive safely and have a great summer vacation!


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