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Remembering Friends

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I wanted to take this opportunity to remember friends that passed away in 2011.  All of them were unique personalities that I will remember always.

DilsDillon, termed one of the “Fur Boys” was an easy going guy that liked all people and most dogs.  He liked his treats, loved to snuggle, and as you see here, enjoyed his naps a lot!  Dillon was a good brother to Riley, and I miss him terribly!




Miss SadieSadie was a fun loving girl that was happy all the time as you can see by her picture.  She loved to take walks and really enjoyed playing in the snow.  Sadie liked to eat the snow and would invariably end up with some on the tip of her nose, that always made me laugh.  She was a very gentle soul that is missed by all that knew her!





VeronicaVeronica, or Ronnie as I called her, had a ferocious appearance when she wanted to, but was a sweetie to those that knew her.  Not one that liked to go outside in the rain or snow, she preferred to stay inside, often taking midday snoozes on her couch.  After the passing of her doggy sister Pondo, Ronnie welcomed a new sister Gigi.  Gigi loved her big sister,  I found Ronnie to be a good friend that I will always fondly remember.


ElkaElka was a beautiful girl that lived a very long life, 17 years to be exact!  In her later years she didn’t move very fast, couldn’t see or hear very well, but she was a real sweetie!  She loved to be brushed to show off her pretty coat and liked the attention of her people.  Elka was a sweet and gentle soul that will be missed.





BomanFinally, my Bo man.  I adored this sweet, social and very talkative boy.  He loved being around people and was great company to me all the years he graced my life.  Bo also welcomed his doggy sister, although she wasn’t always so gracious to him in return.

He was the coolest kitty I’ve ever known and I miss him very, very much!

As we begin this new year, take a moment to give your dog and cat family members some special time to show them how much they mean to you.  They’ll love you even more for it!

Have a great 2012!


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