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Client of the Month-Ike

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Meet Ike, a 9 year old tabby. He is very social, loves to be petted and play with his toys.  He is very aware of everything going on around him, often sitting by the window watching the activity outside.

Ike has a healthy appetite, so he’s quite a big boy, but he is still very quick as I found out when playing teaser toy with him.  He managed to catch the toy more times than not.

He was quite curious about my camera, and was quick to pose when I asked him to…no accident he’s so photogenic.  🙂

Although Ike is quite the social boy, his kitty brother Julius is the opposite.  Julius is a “kibble ghost”, there are signs he’s been out and about but remains hidden when strangers come to visit.

At Joy of Living, we love our kitty clients!

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