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Recycling Your Old Stuff Into Something New For Your Dog

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Recycling is ecologically great, and dogs can benefit from us turning our old stuff into new things for them.  Check out these suggestions:

  • If you have old pillows or blankets, put them into the zipper opening of your dog’s bed to add extra fluff.  Add an egg crate mattress topper for extra cushioning, your dog will love you for it!
  • Wear old or mismatched kitchen gloves when applying topical flea/tick medication on your dog.  The gloves will keep your hands free of the medication, throw them in the trash after you’re done.
  • Use old exercise or yoga mats as support under your dog’s crate.  The mats can also protect your car upholstery from scratches by your dog’s nails.
  • Keep old tennis shoes handy for walks on rainy days.  Store them by the door on a mat to keep from tracking mud into your house after walking your dog.
  • Keep an old sweatshirt or coat in the car to protect your clothes.  Dogs get excited and may jump on you and tear or soil expensive fabrics.  Covering your good clothes with an old coat or shirt keeps clothes intact and gives your dog a chance to give you an enthusiastic welcome.

Do you have some reuse/recycle tips?  Please leave a comment with your recycling ideas, we’d love to hear from you!


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