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Quick tips to reduce the allergens associated with your pets! Breathe easier!

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Party Marty, here to shed some light on pets and allergies, most specifically related to dogs and cats. Hey! We know you love your pets, so don’t let those nasty allergens ruin the attraction you have to us!

If you suffer from allergies related to pets, here are some helpful tips from our friends at
  • When vacuuming, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner model that has a HEPA filter that can help to control the amount of pet dander in your home. Without this filter, the dander is just spread around, actually making things worse.
  • Keep pets off the furniture, too, as they can spread their saliva and hair into the¬†texture of the fabric.
  • To minimize any allergic reactions you might have, consider giving your dog a weekly bath using a special shampoo designed to reduce allergens.
  • Cats tend to cause more allergens than dogs, as their dander is light and sticky and travels everywhere. If someone in your home is not troubled by pet allergies, have that person brush the cat daily and then thoroughly clean the brush. Get in the habit of wiping the cat down daily with a damp washcloth. You can even inquire of your pet for a special pet diet/food that will minimize dander.
Finally, the biggest tip of all comes straight from the lips of yours truly:
  • Consider getting rid of the dog. (Oops! Jessie just walked into the room! Gotta go!¬† You did not see me here at all! I am off! Dang…hope she does not look in my browser for recent online activity!)


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