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Puppies And Smartphones Don’t Play Well Together

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puppies and smartphones

If you have ever lived with a puppy, you know they’re very curious and into everything.  Your puppy has probably observed you interacting with your smartphone on a regular basis, and since dogs often imitate what they see their humans doing, he thinks he should have time with the phone, too.

A survey from Squaretrade, a company that sells insurance for electronic devices, revealed these statistics regarding puppies and smartphones:

  • Pets less than a year old are three times more likely than their older counterparts to damage electronic devices
  • Male dogs are 86% more likely than female dogs to damage electronic devices.

Your puppy can damage your phone by knocking it off a table, but if he decides to get sick on your phone or pee on it that’s a very bad thing too.  Best practice is to always keep your phone out of reach of your pup.  Tell him you’ll take care of updating his Facebook status!


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