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Please Don’t Touch a Cat There!

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Party Marty here to dish on the tip of the day. Love cats? They will love you right back if you pet them correctly. The main rule of thumb is to let them sniff your hand first and then gently rub the palm of your hand down their back from the top of their head to just shy of the tail. If they enjoy what you are doing, they might even arch their back to add more pressure.

However, unlike dogs, when a cat rolls over to expose its belly that is not necessarily an open invitation to rub it. To the contrary. If you do attempt to rub a cats belly like that, it may be perceived as an open invitation to wrestle or play. If you are not careful, the cat could dig its claws into your hand in an effort to assert control. If this should happen, simply stop what you are doing, remain still, and allow the cat to release its grip.

And, unlike many humans, most cats don’t like to have their paws rubbed, let alone touched. Just don’t go there.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like a good massage like any other cat, but please stick to these guidelines. I don’t want to hurt anybody.

Thanks to for this insightful information. Now…off to lie in the sun. The warm embrace of its rays provides the best massage of all!


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