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Pets and Seniors! What a Winning Combination!

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Jessie, the wise and intellectual canine: I have to say it. Pets are great! We bring so much joy to our owners’ lives.  And, of course, they greatly enhance ours…especially when there are treats involved!  Pets are also great companions for senior citizens and can really bring increased joy and vitality to their lives.

Take for example a nursing home in Nebraska that introduced a cat to the home. It wasn’t long before many of the residents, some of them previously withdrawn socially, began to come out of their shells.  When that cat had kittens, then the real magic began!

One elderly lady who had sustained a stroke was completely withdrawn, but when those kittens were introduced to her, the lady suddenly began to smile again and was soon talking! Those kittens became like her babies, giving her something to do each day and a reason for being.

When pets are used in places like nursing homes, it keeps the residents active, engaged, and interactive with the pets and with others. It essentially keeps their minds off their problems and restores a sense of pleasure, purpose, and increased vitality.

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