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Can You Breed these Two Dogs?

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Party Marty, here to share some post-Halloween cheer!  Now that you have feasted on all of that sugar, you are probably just lying around, barely able to move.  Whoa!  That sounds like me! Oh, well…here are a few funnies to get your motor running. As you all know, I love to poke fun at dogs. Love them…but love to tease them, too! It’s my job, you know, and I do it well.  I went to and learned about some very interesting potential mixed breeds. Wouldn’t these be funny to see?

What do you get when you breed a Boxer with a German Shorthaired Pointer? Boxershorts! (Yeah…I’m still laughing at that one!)

What do you get when you breed a Pointer with an Irish Setter? A Pointsetter, of course! The perfect Christmas pet!

What do you get when you breed a Newfoundland with a Bassett Hound?  A Newfound Asset Hound….every financial planners choice!

What do you getwhen you breed a Deerhound with a Terrier? A Derriere!

And if you can’t figure this next one out, it’s not my problem…

What do you get when you breed a Bulldog with a Shih Tzu? (I don’t even think I need to post the answer for this one!)

Have a great day!


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