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Pet Photography: Getting Great Pictures of Your Pet

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pet photography

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I love taking pictures of my pets, J.R., April and Marty, as well as capturing images of clients when I’m with them.  If you’re wanting some great pictures of your pet, but have trouble getting them to “sit pretty”, here are some other pet photography ideas:

  • Many of us have been cooped up much more than usual, and many dogs are really wanting time outside.  Have your camera handy and snap a picture of your dog when he’s sitting in the sun, enjoying the warmth of it.
  • If your pet enjoys playing with a special toy indoors, capture a picture of him actively playing with it.
  • Does your pet enjoy treats?  Get a picture of her as she’s enjoying snack.
  • Dogs and cats often like to lay on their backs, all stretched out, snap a picture of that. It’ll make you laugh when you look at it later.
  • If you have young children, take a picture of your cat or dog with your child when they don’t know you’re watching.
Pet photography

Marty is ready to enjoy a beverage!

Many pets tend to move, or turn away when they sense you’re trying to take their picture. It’s important to be patient, have your phone/camera ready to go, and snap the picture when your pet isn’t expecting it.

If your camera/phone has the ability to snap many pictures quickly, use it. After you’ve taken a stream of shots, look through them, pick a few you, then delete the rest.

These aren’t the standard “pretty” poses, but they’ll definitely bring back fond memories when you look at them years from now.  I took the picture of Marty, shown above, one afternoon a while ago. For me, the candid photos of pets being themselves are the best.

Pet photography requires patience and finding ways to get a pet’s attention to grab a great shot. There are many books available on pet photography.  Andrew Marttila, a great cat photographer, wrote Take Awesome Photos of Cats. (will be available in print or via Kindle May 5, 2020) His photos are great, I would recommend his book!

Do you have a favorite candid picture of your pet?  Please share……..



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