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Pet Hacks To Make Life Easier

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pet hacks

Here are some fun and simple pet hacks for dog guardians we found on and some great ideas for cat guardians on These pet hacks will make life easier for you so you can spend more time loving and doting on your adorable pets.

Hacks For Dog Guardians

  • To protect your dog’s paws from the harsh salt in the winter, put some Vaseline on the bottom of his paws.
  • Make your own chilly and tasty dog treats by freezing some peanut butter with banana and a bit of water.
  • Help your dog eat slower by putting a tennis ball into his dog dish to prevent food gobbling.
  • Add a clean, fresh smell to your home by getting rid of those unpleasant pet odors using a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • If you want to keep your pet’s bed fresher, place a pillow case over it.
  • When going for a walk with your dog, clip your keys to his collar if you don’t have any pockets.
  • Remove all of that unwanted pet hair around the house that accumulates on furniture and steps with a squeegee.
  • Keep your small dog warm in a baby sweater…. the perfect size!
  • Let your dog brush his own teeth by covering his chew toy in toothpaste. Yes, it could get messy, but he will have a healthy and bright smile!

Hacks for Cat Guardians

  • Use an empty milk jug to create a litter scoop.
  • If your cat likes to get into your potted plants, put pine cones in them.  The pine cones don’t feel good on cat’s paws and will be a deterrent to getting into the plants.
  • Wrap rope around the legs of end tables to create scratching posts.
  • For cats that have trouble with hairballs, try offering kitty grass, it will add fiber to his diet and help him eliminate the hair balls easier.
  • Create a puzzle toy for your cat using a cardboard box and a ball.
  • If your cat has a habit of chewing on exposed power cords, cover the cords with split tubing to deter him.
  • If your cat likes to climb, try stacking 2-3 end tables to create a cat tower.
  • Add a few dried green tea leaves to the litter box to prevent odors.
  • Recycle empty plastic Easter eggs into treat dispensing toys for your cat.

Try these pet hacks, you and your pet will wonder why you didn’t use them before now!




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