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Peanut Butter: Is It Ok For Dogs?

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dogs and peanut butterYES! Even vets recommend it, especially when you need to hide a pill in something tasty. Gourmet doggy bakeries make all kinds of incredible dog cookies using peanut butter, not to mention many beautiful cakes for dogs feature peanut butter in the recipes.

So, why are some people worried about giving their dogs peanut butter?

It may be because there are some nuts that are dangerous for dogs to ingest. Macadamia nuts, in particular, are bad for dogs. However, peanuts are not actually nuts at all. They are a legume. This makes them a member of the humble pea family. Instead of being a nut they are related to other legumes such as alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, lentils, carob, and soy.

Peanut butter is fine for your dog. You may have preferences about the kind of peanut butter that you give your dog. Some people prefer to feed organic peanut butter. It has fewer trans fats than regular peanut butter and it’s healthier for your dog. Most dogs don’t care what kind of peanut butter you buy. They just love peanut butter.  If possible, buy peanut butter without salt or sugar added, as neither of these is good for dogs.

For a treat, try putting some peanut butter inside a Kong toy and freezing it. You can leave the toy with your dog when your dog has to stay home. This kind of treat can amuse a dog for a long time as he works to get the peanut butter out.

If you need to give your dog a pill and he doesn’t like to take them, try sticking the pill in some peanut butter. Most dogs never even notice the pill.

Of course, if you feed your dog peanut butter constantly he may be inclined to put on a few pounds but the same is true with any snack that you over feed. Use your best judgment when it comes to giving snacks and treats.

If your dog is a picky eater or if you have a senior dog who has a poor appetite then you may want to try adding a little peanut butter to your dogís meals to see if it might increase his interest in his food. This approach has worked for many owners and their dogs.

Thereís absolutely no reason why you shouldnít indulge your dog’s love for peanut butter. Bon appetit!



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