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Party Marty Offers Solutions to the Gas Crisis!

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Party Marty here! Still worn out from the wild and crazy holiday weekend where my hours were filled with sleeping in the sun, napping in the shade, eating, and then doing some more slumbering! It sure was difficult coming back to work today! 

So…I have decided to talk about something serious today. Pay attention. Come closer. Do you smell that? It’s smells like gas; a noxious and lingering odor that is an assault on the senses. What is it…sniff, sniff, sniff…OMG! It’s a dog fart and it is coming from that mangy mutt in the house, Jessie! We really need to do something about this as I have no time for such distractions.

I know many of you understand about which I speak. Dog farts. You are sitting there watching TV in your family room, minding your own business, and then all of a sudden, with no warning, you are overcome with a disgusting, mind-fogging smell and realize the dog is responsible.  I just want to know…what causes dog farts to be so stinky???? Well, according to, here are some reasons and some potential solutions:

For starters, if your dog swallows copious amounts of air while gulping down his food, gas can build up. Even certain types of food can contribute to the stench, such as beans, cauliflower, cabbage and soybeans. Perhaps Rover has sensitivities to wheat and corn.

On the other hand, dog farts can be caused by mal-absorption syndrome, or the inability to complete digestion of carbohydrates.

Further, some dogs are more prone to passing gas than others. (Boxer owners will agree with me on this point!)

Before you reach for the room freshener, let’s see if we can pinpoint the root of the gas problem your dog brings into your home. First, make sure it’s not a medical issue. If your dog is continually gassy, it’s a good idea to have your vet check him out. There could be something serious going on.

Avoid feeding Rover the dog foods that contain wheat, soy and corn. Stick with high-quality proteins.

Back off of the table scraps. Human food can cause dog farts. Same goes for the doggie treats. Too many of those in the digestive tract can lead to heavy gas build up.

Add some fruits and veggies to your dog’s diet. Before you feed them to him, however, make sure they are safe for him to eat. Grapes? No way! Bananas? Go for it!

Aim for natural food products that are created to assist with dog farts. But be sure to consult with your vet before introducing a new food to your pet.

When making changes in your dog’s diet, do so slowly. This will cut down on certain digestive problems, such a diarrhea and vomiting.

Avoid artificial flavorings, additives and preservatives. Those will produce some wildly unpleasant odors that will be released for your dog’s hindquarters! Seek shelter immediately!

Inquire of your vet abut canine enzyme dietary supplements for dogs. These aid in digestion and minimize the gas.

And remember!  Regular exercise helps with healthy digestion!





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