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Owning a Pet: Good for the Heart

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healthy heartJessie, the famous blogging dog: February is National Heart Health Month!  It’s time to raise awareness about heart disease!  So much information…so little time. However, I do know one thing! (Well, actually I know many things, but this point is particularly important to note today!)

It has been established that people who own pets (and I prefer to say “people who own dogs!”) have less stress, are happier, feel better and experience fewer heart attacks than their non-pet-owning counterparts. That is something to think about!

Owning a pet is good for your heart on so many levels!  You feel calm and relaxed around your pet; you get to enjoy play time and walks with your pet (if it’s a dog!); you get plenty of love in return from your pet….the list goes on!  Need I say more?

So, this “doctor” recommends owning a pet! It does a heart good!


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