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Obesity in Pets: A Weighty Topic of Discussion!

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dog obesity

Jessie, the dog who always looks her best no matter what the hour of day or occasion: It’s no surprise that Americans are getting bigger. Obesity is running high these days, which is kind of funny, because if something is running, shouldn’t it be skinny? At any rate, obesity is not just reserved for humans. Pets are susceptible, as well, and our concern over our Yorkie-Poo friend, Bolt, whose winter weight of last year just won’t seem to come off, has caused me to shed some light on this topic so that perhaps your pet can shed some pounds.

According to, normal dogs have a thin layer of fat. You should be able to feel the ribs easily but not exactly see them. If your dog is packing on the pounds, you probably won’t  feel the ribs as readily and the tissue covering the ribs can feel smooth and wavy.

Next, take a look at the dog’s appearance. Dogs of normal weight usually possess an hourglass figure (please note mine, for instance!). If your dog is not sculpted as such, his abdomen may protrude from each side of his body and there may also be enlarged fatty areas on either side of the tail base (yes, tails can get fat!). There will also be noticeable fat storage over the hips as well as on the neck and in front of the chest. Plus, you may notice that classic waddle walk. That’s a giveaway right there!

If you suspect that your dog is obese, now is the time to consult with your veterinarian to rule out any other issues that might be contributing to the problem. We definitely know what Bolt’s issue is. His human needs to be contained. She keeps saying in her sing-song voice, “Bolt! Want a treat?”

All dogs should have the discipline that I have. I look hot! Which way to the beach?


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