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Making Birthdays Special for Your Pet!

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dog birthday

Jessie the prim and proper dog with a party animal spirit inside:  In honor of our Yorkie-Poo friend Bolt, who turns five years old this week, I first want to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”  Dogs (and other pets!) deserve a special day to call their own. While you may not want to spend oodles of money on your pet to celebrate that special day, you can dispense oodles of love and fun to make it a blast.  Here are some tips found on  Get ready for some rocking birthday fun when your pet celebrates yet another year of making your life that much more special! (Besides, don’t humans always love a good reason to have a party and celebrate? Of course!)

Here are some fun birthday ideas for your pet:

  • Take a picture of the Birthday Girl/Birthday Boy wearing a festive party hat. Sure, he/she may not like it and we realize this is totally for your benefit, but get that photo taken and make it quick!
  • Invite a doggie friend (or two!) over for a play date. If you live in a small place, consider going to the dog park to romp and have fun. Of course, be sure to invite the doggy friend’s parents, too!
  • Give your dog a special treat, such as doggy ice cream, especially if it is summertime! This is the perfect time to splurge on that special treat that you might not otherwise do any other time of the year.
  • Explore somewhere new together. Take a walk in a neighborhood other than your usual one. Follow the road less traveled on this special day!
  • Shower your pet with lots of love…. extra belly rubs, ear scratches, hugs and kisses. Keep it coming!
  • Play your pet’s favorite game, even if you get tired of it after a minute or two. Play fetch or hide-and-seek…whatever makes him smile and then become dog tired at the end of the day…a sign of a day well spent. A good nap at the end of a fun day is a special treat, indeed! Prepare his favorite spot with his blanket and a new bone or toy!



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