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Lose Your Cat? Have You Tried Looking in Any of These Places?

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cat in box

Party Marty, the amazing cat here! It’s Friday once again but I am not so happy with this colder weather. I am a warm weather kind of feline and love my summer sunshine! Cats love to be warm and stay warm and I am sure you have heard those stories about cats crawling up into car engines to stay warm. Not a good idea! Once that engine roars, it could prove fatal for the cat.

Besides hiding in car engines or wheel wells, there are several other potential hiding places for cats of which to be aware.  Consider these…

1.)   I am all about staying clean, but I would never hide out in a dishwasher. Some cats, do, however, so before firing up the dishwasher, please be sure to make sure your kitty is not hiding in there.

2.)   If you have a curious cat, do not leave the doors open on your washer and dryer and always check inside before starting a load.

3.)   A wooden stove is a tempting spot to take a snooze, so please do a thorough check before lighting the kindling and shutting the door.

4.)   Reclining chairs make for key hiding spots, so check under the seat before reclining and/or putting it back in its upright position.

5.)   Cats love boxes! Be sure to investigate all cardboard boxes before tossing them out.

6.)   Luggage or gym bags should be closed when not in use. You would hate to see your cat accidently end up in Hawaii or something while you are stuck back at home in the snow this winter! (I just had a brilliant idea! Gotta run!  TGIF!)

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