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Ways You May Be Shortening the Life Span of Your Dog

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The Spirit of Bo, returning from Cat Heaven to bestow upon our faithful readers pertinent information to enhance and challenge your thinking.  My topic today is death, but not in the way you think.  You love your pets. They are your world, and you would do anything for them, right?  But do you employ some habits that, in reality, might actually shorten their lifespan?  If you find yourself doing any of the following, break the habit!  Yes, it’s great to add life to your dog’s years, but don’t you want a lot of years to do so???

Here are ways you just might be reducing the number of years your dog lives:

  • You feed him too much. Monitor his daily food intake per his size and breed and also incorporate some exercise. Even if it is cold outside, you can still put him on a leash and walk a couple of times around the house or around the backyard.
  • Do you neglect your dog’s oral care?  By not brushing his teeth and gums, you are potentially setting him up for a host of physical problems, including heart and kidney issues.  Speak to your vet about the proper way to clean your dog’s teeth.  It doesn’t take much time and you will be doing your dog a solid by your efforts!
  • Get your dog to the vet annually for a routine check-up.  Even though your pet may seem healthy on the outside, there could be a storm brewing inside of which you are unaware. The sooner he is checked, the better his chances for having something nipped in the bud.
  • Neglecting daily exercise. Please, people…part of having a dog is the responsibility to care for him, and this includes making sure he has time to run, romp and play.  This is so important to his health, temperament and vitality…. even if you just run around the backyard a bit or play fetch.
  • Exposing your dog to second-hand smoke.  We all know how bad smoking is for humans, but even non-smokers risk cancer and respiratory ailments just by living with those who smoke.  So, do you really want to expose your dog to such a threat?
  • Are you forgetting the flea and tick protection? If so, you are leaving your pet vulnerable to those nasty little critters that can spread diseases.
  • Do you feed your dog too many table scraps?  Yes, they are yummy, but they can be fatty and sometimes toxic to your dog.  Stick to the pet foods and treats.
  • Do you let your dog socialize enough?  If he spends too much time alone, you are setting him up for depression, anxiety and fear-related issues. Just like humans, dogs need to interact…. with other people and with other dogs!  Give it a shot and see if it doesn’t improve his mood!

Well, I am out of time and have to get back to my heavenly duties.  Thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure to visit with you!  And thanks to for this helpful information!



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