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Laying Down Some “Serious” Laws for Dogs!

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Jessie, ruler of the house and canine extraordinaire, who is, in her mind, above all laws, rules and regulations:  Hey!  Happy Tuesday!  Just one day closer to the weekend! I was surfing the web last night trying to find any information that would make that darn cat Marty subservient to me legally. After all, I am the alpha pet around here! I was distracted ever so briefly when I came across the web site which highlighted a few, shall we say, interesting laws for dogs to obey.  Whichever Congress put these into affect probably never owned a dog. These are funny!

  • It is against the law for dogs and cats to fight in North Carolina. (Not to self: Make sure our human does not relocate to NC! Both Marty and I would be doing life by now!)
  • In Oklahoma, you can be charged with illegal activity if you make strange faces at a dog. (Seriously? What if Marty looked at a dog? Have you seen his face? It always looks strange!)
  • In that same state, dogs must have a signed permit – by the mayor, no less – in order to gather in groups of three or more on private property. (No backyard barbeques with my friends there!)
  • In New Castle, Delaware, there is a law on the books that bans couples from public displays of affection while walking a dog on a leash. (This also includes holding hands!)
  • In Hartford, Connecticut, it is illegal to educate dogs. (Still scratching my head on this one. Does that mean you cannot even train them to do things….or are they just banned from, say, getting a Master’s degree or something like that?)
  • And this one is truly unbelievable….for a 20-year period of time in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, all animals (including dogs!) were prohibited from producing solid waste!  (What the heck?  This takes “holding it in” to a whole new level! Fortunately, this law was repealed in 2002.)




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