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Just Because Your Dog Might Remind You of Grandma is No Reason to Name Him After Her!

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Party Marty here again! Back to my usual Friday post. I hope your week has been amazing! Mine sure has! I managed to hide some of Jessie’s toys so she has spent the better part of the last couple of days in hot pursuit of those. In other words, that is code for “a great way to keep her out of my hair,” if you know what I mean!

However, she will soon need to come around to feed and get some loving from our human, and obviously we will need to call her by name to get her to come. While I have a few choice names for her (Don’t judge! She gets under my skin some days!), I will defer to being politically correct and polite here and switch gears back to the subject at hand.

Before you can call for your dog to come to you, he has to have a great name, right? But how do you land on a great name? Thanks to, I have a few tips to give you, but for the most part, your dog’s moniker will most likely depend on his personality and how he interacts with you. Or, you might even have a favorite celebrity and name him after that person. Who knows?

Here are a few tips to assist you in naming your dog, in no particular order of importance:

**Choose a short name that your dog can easily recognize…no more than two syllables. It’s just easier for him to learn it that way!

**Opt for a name that ends with a long sounding vowel. This will make it easier for him to distinguish between his name and a command.

**This leads to the next tip…don’t give your dog a name that sounds similar to a command or to anyone else’s name in the house. Just sayin’…

**Consider giving your dog his name based on his looks. For example, if he looks like a teddy bear, why not call him Bear? (However, if he looks like your grandma, I wouldn’t go there!)

**Avoid embarrassing names. I once knew a guy who named his dog “Dammit.” That way, he just had to say, “Dammit! Come here!” That did not go over too well in public places, however!

**Do not change the name of a pre-owned or shelter dog. I mean…would you want someone to change your name mid-life? Think about it! A name is one thing that is truly his.

**And if you ARE going to name your dog after Grandma, please ask for her permission first!



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