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Is Your Dog Ticklish? How to Discover Those Ticklish Spots!

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Jessie, the prim and proper dog: Now, even though I am not one to defer to the silliness of tickling and rough housing, I am well aware that your pet comes complete with his or her own set of tickle spots, and I am no exception to that rule…I simply choose to ignore them to the best of my abilities.

However, if you are interested in finding out where those fun and magical ticklish spots are on your pet, here are some clues, courtesy of

**If you observe your dog closely and watch where he usually scratches himself, you are getting warm. Many dogs cannot reach their necks and chests, which are spots typically associated with being ticklish spots. If your dog tries and tries to reach those areas but cannot, feel free to jump in and save the day with your fingers and scratch away!

**Rub your hands over your dog’s body and then see if you get a reaction at certain spots. Some dogs may lift their legs or push against you when you touch certain areas. Bingo!

**Some of the prime ticklish spots on a dog are behind his ears, between his front legs and along his belly. If you scratch these areas for him, you will be loved, adored and quite possibly revered by your dog. Be sure to scratch these areas with your fingertips and apply a little pressure to give the dog an extra good scratch.

**The best times to discover your dog’s tickle spots are when he is relaxed and comfortable, like before bed time or after naps. If he is playful or excited, he may not be able to focus on this matter.

What are my tickle spots? I love it when our readers leave comments on our blog. That makes me happy!


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