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Is Your Dog A Boredom Eater?

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Do you ever find yourself eating when bored?  I do, and as it turns out, dogs can be boredom eaters too.  Case in point is Sophia the Bulldog featured on the latest episode of Dogs in the City.

Sophia and her bulldog brother were left at home on average nine hours each day while their people were at work.  Her brother seemed to cope with the situation, but not Sophia.  To keep herself occupied, she’d been eating the wall, there was already a hole about a foot wide in one room.  Sophia had eaten wood, drywall and whatever else comprised the wall. She suffered digestive issues but she hadn’t gone to the vet to be checked out.

Sadly, her people had no idea what was behind the wall eating behavior.  As it turned out, Sophia was bored.  With no toys or activity to stimulate her mind, she’d found a way to entertain herself……eating the wall!  If I was in a room with nothing to do for that long, I imagine I’d get a little crazy too!

The solution for Sophia was getting her crate trained and giving her a treat toy to work on while in the crate to keep her busy.  Other solutions to consider depending on the age and activity level of your dog may be doggy day care or hiring a dog walker  for a midday walk and some play time.

Finding the right solution for your dog will keep them happy and prevent behavior problems, a win-win for you and your dog!


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