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Cat Body Types: What Type is Your Cat?

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cat body types


Most of us are aware of the various human body shapes: Pear, hourglass, inverted triangle to name a few.  Each type has a distinct appearance and characteristics, but did you know that there are several cat body types?

Some of the main cat body types are: Cobby, Medium, Foreign and Semi-foreign,


The cobby type is comprised of a compact body, a deep chest, short legs, and a broad head.  This cat’s eyes are large and round. Cobby breeds appear heavy-set due to their short and wide bodies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fat.

Cat breeds considered in the Cobby category include Persians and Manx.


The muscular type is evidenced by a sturdy body and a round, full-cheeked head. Their muzzle is squared and they’re a medium length.  Cat breeds in this category include Bengals and Maine Coon.


The foreign cat body type can be observed by its long slender body, long legs, and long tail.  These cats have long muzzles and wedge-shaped heads and produces tall ears and eyes that slant.  Siamese and Oriental breeds fall into this category.


This cat body type produces cats with slightly round faces, more long than wide.  Their noses are straight, shorter muzzle and no large ears.  Cat breeds in this category include Burmese and Abyssinians.

For more information on cat body types and cat breed characteristics, go to the Cat Fanciers’ Association website,



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